Inverted Pursuits Lab signs on as Argonia Cup Sponsor!

Inverted Pursuits Lab, makers of high quality 3D printed rockets and components for model and high power rockets, has signed on as a sponsor of the Argonia Cup.  Their sponsorship is twofold!

First, they have donated one (1) of their 3D camera shrouds to each team who competes in the 2023 Argonia Cup. They have Mobius, Mobius Maxi, RunCam 4k and Estes AstroCam shrouds available for a range of airframe diameters. Instructions on how to order these shrouds will be emailed to each team.

In addition to the above merchandise, Inverted Pursuits Lab has also donated $300 to be split between the winning teams.  The combined value of Inverted Pursuits Lab’s sponsorship represents $740 in prizes!

The Argonia Cup is proud to have Inverted Pursuits Lab as a sponsor and we want to thank Jonathan and Kelsie Boyson for their support.

Visit Inverted Pursuits Lab’s website