The Argonia Cup 2019 Photo Gallery

Please enjoy the photos from the 2019 Argonia Cup. We look forward to posting new ones from this year's event!.



2021 Team Videos

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

University of Colorado Denver
Polaris Rocketry

Laterneau University

Kansas State University
Final Frontier Aerospace Systems and Technology

University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Rocket Top

University of Missouri
Mizzou Space Program

Oklahoma State University

 Western Michigan University
WMU Advanced Rocketry Club (WMU ARC)

Northwestern Oklahoma University
Team RRRocket

University of Oklahoma
Boomer Rocket Team

University of Illinois at Chicago
Team 1

University of Illinois at Chicago
Team 2

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
ROSI - Rocketeers of Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Cougar Rockets

Missouri University of Science and Technology
AAVG 2.0

Oklahoma State University
Cowboy Rocket Works

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