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Event FAQs

  • When is the registration deadline? +

    Registration for the 2021 Argonia Cup will close March 1, 2021. An event assigned team number is required in order to submit your team video, due March 7, 2021.
  • When is my video submission due? +

    All team videos must be submitted before March 7, 2021. Failure to provide a team video prior to the deadline is disqualifying.
  • Where is the launch location? +

    South of Argonia, near the intersection of 80th and Eden Road. A map has been provided for more information.
  • How much does Argonia Cup cost? +

    Free of charge!
  • How many members per team? +

    At least two (2) members are required. At least one (1) TRA certified Level 2 member is required per team. There is not a maximum number of allowable team members.
  • How many teams per school? +

    Multiple teams from the same university or college are permitted.
  • Will there be prizes awarded? +

    Yes! Prize money is made possible by all of our generous sponsors.
  • When is the arrival time? +

    The competition will begin at 9AM on March 27, 2021. Teams are encouraged to stay at the local hotels/motels before and/or during the event or camp on site so they can be ready to compete as soon as the event opens.
  • Can I camp at the launch site? +

    Yes, camping is permitted at the launch site. However, there is no running water available. Portable toilets will be available.
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The KLOUDBusters launch site, known as The Rocket Pasture, is located about 7 miles south of US-160 at Argonia, Kansas near the intersection of 80th and Eden Road. A map has been provided for more information.




Area Hotels

Anthony Motel
423 W Main St
Anthony, KS
(620) 842-5185
18 miles


Caldwell Motel
765 W 175th St S
Caldwell, KS
(620) 845-2181
19 miles

Baymont Inn and Travelodge
1130B E 16th St.
Wellington, KS
(620) 359-1137
28 miles

Harper Motel
522 W 14th St
Harper, KS
(620) 896-9977
19 miles


Approximate distance to launch site.
Ask for the KLOUDBusters rate. You must call for best rate.