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Altus Metrum, manufacturer of some of the most advanced electronics available in high power rocketry, has signed on once again as a sponsor of the Argonia Cup. Their sponsorship is twofold again!

First, they have donated one (1) of their premier avionic altimeters, the TeleMega a high-end flight computer with 6 pyro channels, tilt limits, improved sensors, GPS, and a high performance bidirectional RF telemetry link and two (2) of their Telemetrums a dual-deploy rocketry altimeter with GPS and bidirectional RF telemetry link.  The TeleMega will be awarded to the championship team and a TeleMetrum will be awarded to the second and third place teams.  This portion of Altus Metrum’s sponsorship represents $1000 in prizes!

Second, Altus Metrum has donated ten (10) of their very capable EasyMini dual deployment altimeters to the prize pool.  These altimeters will be presented to the first ten teams to register for the 2021 event, complete the required video submission, then attend and participate in the Argonia Cup competition held March 27-28, 2021 at the Kloudbuster’s Rocket Pasture just south of Argonia, KS.  These ten EasyMini’s are valued at $800 bringing the total value of Altus Metrum’s sponsorship up to $1800!

We expect to see many more teams compete this year so the time to register is now!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The Argonia Cup is proud to have Altus Metrum as a sponsor.

Visit Altus Metrum on Facebook HERE.