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Top Flight Recovery, makers of high Quality parachutes for model and high power rockets since 1991, has signed on as a sponsor of the Argonia Cup. Their sponsorship is twofold!

First, they have donated one (1) of their premium 120” Crossfire parachutes to be awarded to the winning team. These six panel, reinforced parachutes features flat-braided nylon lines for ultra strength (a $179.95 value). The second place team will receive a 120” Ultra-X parachute (a $105.95 value) and the third place team will receive a 120” standard parachute (a $95.95 value).

In addition to the above merchandise, Top Flight Recovery has also donated $250 to be split between the winning teams. The combined value of Top Flight Recovery’s sponsorship represents $632 in prizes!

The Argonia Cup is proud to have Top Flight Recovery as a sponsor and we want to thank Preston Nobile for his support.